Happy Halloween and Crafting!


Happy Halloween!

This October has been so busy the days seem a blur. It is now Halloween and I wanted to share some of my holiday crafts I have been working on. Halloween and Fall is my favorite time of the year; the changing foliage, the seasonal crops, the food and fun of this time of year always makes me happy. What I also love is the plethora of craft supplies and home decor that become available! I am always on the hunt for new home decor and interesting crafts to create. I started slowly a few months ago. I bought the life size skeleton, a bag of bones, some pictures, stamps and laser cut wood frame saying “Witch Way”.


The Witch Way sign became a wonderful Faux Glass Project I created for  the Amazing Crafting Products Blog and ended up giving to my mother to hang in her kitchen.



The fine fellow in the above photo, the life size skeleton digging up his cohorts, is one of my favorite finds this year. The tombstones are a mix of both store bought from years ago and upcycled foam packing covered in paint. With a few tea lights in old spaghetti jars for lighting we created a new spooky corner to our yard haunt.


Then I found even more things on sale and in some cases early clearance. Books, more stamps, cookie cutters, ribbons, chalkboard labels, skulls of all sizes, plastic Halloween favors and even a foam pumpkin. I think I have a bit of a Halloween addiction!


With the little plastic Halloween favors I created Glam  Halloween Cabochons to give to friends. I really love how the glitter really accented the little spiders!


Last but not least, with the foam pumpkin I created a ever so wicked Grinning Jack O Lantern for our ever growing pumpkin patch in our yard haunt.

Wishing you all a fun and festive Halloween!

Until Next Time, Safe Travels!