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DIY Butterflies on the green


I have a country garden on my property and I have fun growing all types of herbs, flowering plants and vegetables. Each year depending on the season I can see variety of wildlife coming into the garden to collect nectar, seeds and water. I make it a point to take as many breaks as possible to go work or watch the garden. Earlier this season I found a butterfly sitting on top of my flowering rosemary. I watched it fly about the garden for a bit, I then noticed a second one, then another and another! Soon the yard was full of butterflies! They look to be a butterfly known as the  American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis), they have a rather “fuzzy” body and long antennae. I was able to take some photos of these lovely creatures with my camera. It got my mind whirling on how lovely these bright orange butterflies looked on the green plants, could I make something based off of this enchanting contrast?

The Globecraft & Piccolo Design team challenge this month is to create projects using their UV Resin and their bezels. I thought why not try to create the look of flying butterflies on a field of green. This time instead of doing my standard still photos I thought why not try out a video tutorial!

Hop on over to the Globecraft and Piccolo Blog for my UV Resin Butterfly Pendant video tutorial with Globecraft and Piccolo products!
Globecraft-Piccolo-Tutorial-UV Resin-Butterfly-Tracy-Alden-1

Until next time, safe travels!