Embossing Powders

A Steampunk Valentine

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_1
I seriously can’t get enough of Steampunk art these days. The diversity, detail and amazing styles that are being created are a wonder to behold. Continuing with this theme, I wanted to create a different form of the traditional Valentines. My feeling was, why not let a Steampunk fan know they are loved with a card? 🙂

G&P Key to My Heart Charm Set H006
G&P Keys to My Heart Accents H009
Vintage Gears Embellishment Set ST002
G&P Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
G&P Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze
G&P Ruby Red Slippers Embossing Powder
G&P 24K Gold Embossing Powder
G&P Copper Kettle Enamel Powder
G&P Vintage Black Enamel Powder
G&P Piccolo Embossing Powder Adhesive
Globecraft & Piccolo Pure Sparkle Gold Glitter
Piccolo Easy Grip Tweezers
Red crystal sticker gems
Blank card
Red card stock
Gear and key Stamps
Stamp ink

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_2
Carefully remove all of the Piccolos from the chipboard frames. Separate the frame, gears, small keys, two lock hearts without loops and the swirl. Place the remaining pieces to the side for a wearable Valentine’s Day Bling project; check out the Globecraft & Piccolo blog for that tutorial. 🙂

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_3
Apply Piccolo Enamel Adhesive to all of the remaining pieces. The two heart locks I coated with G&P Ruby Red Slippers Embossing Powder. The two keys, windup key and swirl with G&P 24K Gold Embossing Powder. The four tiny gears with G&P Copper Kettle Enamel Powder. The frame and remaining gears I coated with G&P Vintage Black Enamel Powder. Heat set.

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_4
Stamp the card stock with the gears and key stamps. Adhere to the front of the blank card. Carefully glue the embossed Piccolos to the front of the card using the G&P Glastique Matte Finishing Glaze.

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_5
Coat all of the Piccolos with G&P Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze and add the red sticker gems to a few of the gears. Put a few drops of Glastique Gloss on the card, smear the drops  with your finger and sprinkle Globecraft & Piccolo Pure Sparkle Gold Glitter on top.

Art Resurrected_DIY_Valentine's Day Card_Tracy_Alden_tutorial_Photo_6
Stamp or write your favorite Valentine’s sentiment inside. 🙂

Until next time, safe travels!


CHA Winter Show 2013

Another Craft and Hobby Association Winter show has come and gone. While there were less vendors this year, I honestly feel this was one of the best I attended. This show was amazing! The classes, networking and show floor events were wonderful. I was able to make new accounts with several vendors and got to meet up with some seriously talented artists.

The wonderful Globecraft & Piccolo had a booth again at CHA. I am proud to be part of their Design Team and a part of product design & development! Members of the G&P design team, Jami Bostjancic (of Accent Allusions) and I were honored to be asked to do demos at the booth for three of the four days of CHA.

Here is some of the cool G&P products we got to demo at the show:

NEW Globecraft & Piccolo UV Resin: It cures in 3 minutes in UV light, scratch resistant, self leveling and not affected by humidity (in fact it can set up underwater). It works wonderful on top of  chipboard, acrylic, paper, polymer clay, fabric, vellum and so much more!

NEW Globecraft & Piccolo Acrylic Bezels and Tags: Clear acrylic bezels and tags come in so many shapes and sizes. Perfect for making jewelry, mixed media and card decor! Looks lovely stamped and with paper backings.

NEW additions to the Globecraft & Piccolo Embossing powder line: These powders are specially designed to look awesome on large and small projects. G&P Embossing Powders are made of varying-sized particles that create a unique depth and dimension not available with traditional embossing powders. These wonderful colors can mimic stone, metal, natural elements and aged surfaces. The new colors are Real Rust, Ruby Red Slippers, Shamrock Dreams, Turquoise Lagoon, and Platinum!

New Piccolo Chipboard Elements: Now in many different sizes, great for home decor, card making, mixed media, jewelry and more! From holiday, seasonal, steampunk, animals, swirls, and elaborate corner and edge elements.

The Globecraft & Piccolo booth at CHA.

G&P display showcasing all of their embossing powders and chipboard charm sets. All of the charm sets on the velvet boards are my work. 🙂

G&P acrylic and chipboard bezels samples by the talented design team, the Secrist family (G&P) and I.

Just beautiful card decor work with Piccolos by the design team!

G&P Ornament sets. The lovely mixed media piece on the left is made by the talented Linda Neff (part of the G&P design team) from ornaments and a lampshade.

An overview of the booth.

Some samples of the demo work showing the new UV Resin and acrylic bezels! Pieces by Pat Secrist (Of G&P), Jami Bostjancic and I.

The following photos are close up of booth display samples to show you how many new styles and techniques you can use with the new G&P products.

G&P acrylic bezel, G&P UV Resin, mica powder, permanent ink, paper and sticker gems.

Mini oval acrylic bezels with Pure Sparkle Glitter in Gold, mica powder, 3D Enamel Gel and sticker gems. Faux glass technique.

Top left and bottom bezels are acrylic and top right bezel is bookboard. 3D Enamel Gels, Pure Sparkle Glitter in Gold and Silver, mica powder and sticker gems. Glastique Gloss is used to seal each layer. Topped with the new UV resin. Nebula/night sky technique.

G&P acrylic bezel, G&P UV Resin, G&P Piccolo Gears, mica powder, permanent ink, paper and sticker gems. Piccolo layer technique.

G&P acrylic bezel, G&P UV Resin, mica powder, 3D Enamel Gels, Origami foil paper and sticker gems. Faux glass technique.

Until next time safe travels!