CHA Winter show 2012 part 2

As I noted in my last post this year’s winter Craft and Hobby Association show was awesome! My last post was mostly about Globecraft Memories and my first time doing demos at the CHA. This post will be about some of the new products, designs and workshops at CHA!

First I would like to talk about the DCWV booth which had some of the most beautiful paper and bead booth decor at the Winter CHA. DCWV Inc. is known for their very popular scrapbooking papers, cards, brads, stickers, albums, and embellishments. In 2010, the Blue Moon Beads brand was acquired by DCWV, so the booth was showing a wonderful fusion of these companies. I have used both DCWV and Blue Moon Beads products before, mostly for artwork at small shows. I must say though after seeing their booth decor and product samples I just had to get wholesale catalogs to use their products for classes.

 The blue color tone tree was one of my favorites. It looked right out of a fairy tale. I keep trying to think how in the world I could make a tree of my own and where to put it.! LOL

The green beads on this tree are just gorgeous, and the photo does not do it justice.

I ended up wandering around, several isles over,  and once again to stopping at a booth just because of how stunning booth decor was. In this case a glittering, full size gown made from crystal beads, paper and chain. I had to stop to see what this booth was about!

As I ended up finding out this beautiful piece of art was part of Connie’s Crystal booth. They carry genuine, high quality crystal beads and focal pieces in a stunning array of colors.

A close up of the bodice of the wonderful booth display at Connie’s Crystals.

I wandered by their booth on the last day and noticed they were selling out the booth crystals, so of course I had to buy some. Sadly I did not get there early enough to get all of the colors I wanted but I did buy some beauties. The reflection of light with their sun-catcher line is amazing. If you do bead work, mixed media or even just want lovely sun-catchers go to their website and request a catalog!

While I normally do not have time to attend many workshops at CHA, when I heard about Makin’s Clay Explore the Possibilities class I had to take it! Makin’s Clay produces a no-bake polymer clay  providing an alternative modeling medium to oven-bake type polymer clays, environmentally safe, biodegradable and user friendly. The workshop, which was instructed by designer Ann Butler, explored the applications of Makin’s Clay and helped those who attended gain hands-on experience using Makin’s Brand products.

Each workshop participant received this seriously awesome complimentary Makin’s Clay gift bag just stuffed with goodies! I even ended up winning a Makin’s Professional Clay Tools set in class as well!

While I have not used Makin’s Clay polymer clay line in the past I do use their tool line a lot and I can say it is some of the best on the market. After trying out their clay and finding out they make some rather nice new color lines I will be using their clay with projects in the future. 🙂

Until next time, safe travels!