Websites, Miniatures and Happiness!

So many new things to talk about and so little time.

I went on vacation for my birthday with my husband and a group of friends. We decided to go to Vegas to enjoy the Fremont Street Experience, it was a great time. One of my friends suggested the Paris buffet, oh my goodness was it good! Other than a bit of sun sickness from the heat it was a fun and if not a trifle silly time in Vegas.

My husband and I on Fremont street with some lovely ladies. I blame the lack of smile on my part to just getting over sun sickness and no one had found me a cocktail yet. LOL

After I got back from vacation I decided to get a massive overhaul of my website, I wanted it to be easier to work on, cleaner layout and search engine optimizated. The lovely and talented Debra from Kittyloaf Designs did a wonderful job of that! She got everything up in running in less than 2 hours and has walked me through setting up more content on the site. I am still learning and adding things to the site but Debra has been such a wonderful person about it all. Besides being a web designer she also happens to be a very talented seamstress, seed bead artist and certified Veterinary Assistant.

My only issue as of late is that locally we have been having a lot of lighting and rain storms, a rarity in the beautiful high desert that we live in. Which makes working on electrical devices somewhat difficult if there is a fear of power outages. So while be prevented from adding new things to my website I got to working on some polymer clay projects. I was given some wonderful polymer clay books for my birthday, so while watching the flash floods and keeping as many electrical items turned off I made some minis!

1 inch scale (1 inch equals 1 scale foot) miniature food made out of polymer clay.
From top left bacon strips, swiss cheese, brie cheese, summer sausage, gouda cheese, toast with butter, baguettes, sourdough loaf, ground beef and a fruit cake in the middle.

From top left brie with lettuce and tomato. Ground Beef and patties. Summer sausage slices. Swiss cheese and grapes. Knives and oranges. Toast and butter. Cheddar and slices.

I got quite a few more projects in the works and will be posting about them shortly!
Safe Travels!

One thought on “Websites, Miniatures and Happiness!”

  1. Tracy, thanks so much for the shout! I really appreciate it. 🙂 I do my best to make my clients happy and help them be as self-sufficient where ever possible as they can be. Yes, its less work for me in the long run, but I want them to be happy about all else. Besides, if I make them happy, they are more likely to recommend me to friends. 🙂

    I think I commented on all this mini food on your FB page, but these are great! They look like I could actually eat them.

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