Madness I tell you….

Well it has been a while since I posted, reconstructive surgery on your right shoulder for repeat dislocations will do that to you, but thankfully I am back on track and trying to restore my sanity (or is it lack there of?) via artwork.

I have been trying a lot of new products and even some old ones I never delved into before just for fun and ideally to also see if there is a better way to do things. Something else I have been enjoying is finding all of my art notebooks and sketch pads, I try to carry one around with me everywhere I go for spur of the moment ideas, good book titles to research and products to try. Sometimes I lose one in one of my stacks of research papers and books only to find them later, old ideas brought to life once again.

I was made to see how I could still do some artwork while my right arm was down for the count, I found out I could draw with my left hand, which was interesting and I got a tripod for my camera. I ended up taking waaay to many photos for future ideas and models. Some of my favorite subjects is bones of any sort, so of course that means I have to make a trip to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. I love the place, I could camp in the halls and be happy. The have some wonderful new exhibits while still maintaining the original and historic architecture, one of my favorite things they do this time of year is First Fridays. In essence once a month, the Natural History Museum stays open until 10 pm, has two full service bars, live music (typically 2-3 bands), DJs, dancing, special lighting, a lecture by a famous scientists and behind the scenes tour of some of the NHM collections, all of this with the award winning NHM displays as backdrop. What is there not to love about this? If you are in the LA area anytime they have one I highly suggest attending and getting there early to save a seat for the lectures.

What I call “Scary big ass dog” aka Epicyon haydeni is a large extinct canid, native to North America, they guess their weight to be around 224 pounds and human chest height.

Smilodon fatalis, sabre-toothed cat or sabre-toothed tiger, lion-like in size but build is like a tiger, native to North America and western South America. I personally love these nasty buggers….

The first thing you see when you walk in the front public entrance.

Until next time, safe travels…..